Blogs I’m lovin’ this month…


As a new blogger I’ve somewhat thrown myself into a completely unknown world and am trying my best to take everything in and stay afloat.  I’m really quite proud of myself that I’ve stuck it out thus far (2 months and counting – mini celebratory dance to me), and I’m starting to really enjoy becoming part of the lifestyle blogging community.

As with all new bloggers I’ve pounded the keyboard and foraged through the web to find tips and advice on how to make my tiny little piece of the internet a success.

Part of my journey has led me to (the brilliant) Bloglovin‘, which is full to the brim of inspiring blogs that I can take my cues from.  So thus I have decided to create an extra special slot on my blog to show my gratitude to those who are inspiring me, influencing me and keeping me going.

So without further ado these are a xcouple of the blogs I’m lovin’ this month (see what I did there):


Cassiefairy is a glimpse into the life of blogger Cassie, who shares with us her many sewing, baking and home inspiration projects, as well as keeping us updated with news of her fabulous vintage caravan.


I love the personal aspect of Cassie’s blog.  Intermingled with top tips and inspiration come snippets of Cassie’s life and her general outlook on the world.  I love the mish mash of subjects, much like how I hope my own blog will become – a series of posts that when fitted together give a great sense of her overall lifestyle.

Having won awards and been shortlisted for many more, Cassiefairy is definitely a blog I’d like to keep up to date with – and I’m super keen to give some of Cassie’s great DIY projects a go myself, like this wonderful DIY roman blind, and some of her fab seasonal makes!



Cider with Rosie

This is one of the first blogs I came across, which I stumbled upon quite easily simply searching for ‘lifestyle blog’ in Google and this one came out almost right on top (Rosie, you’re doing something very right!!)

Rosie’s blog is wonderfully designed, with lots going on.  Cider with Rosie brings us personal snippets of Rosie’s life, and all the little things that makes it special.


Whether sharing a delicious recipes, giving fashion inspiration or simply telling us about a night together with friends, Rosie injects so much of herself into each post it’s like you’re hearing from an old friend yourself.


What I hope to take away from Cider with Rosie is that ability to make my blog personal, and to capture those moments that mean the most to me, while still sharing something useful and inspiring for the small few readers I might eventually acquire.  I’d also love to try a few of her delicious recipies and foodie treats like these s’mores.


Both of these blogs have their own unique style, feel and voice, and just like old friends they each have a personality of their own.  I’d love to learn more and pick the brains of these bloggers to see how far they’ve come since their few blog posts, and what’s given them the motivation to keep blogging.

Until then, my Bloglovin’ list is growing, so keep checking back for more featured blogs I’m lovin’.  Hope you love ’em as much as I do!

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