Upcycled Tyre Planter


Having recently moved house we’ve been on the look out for unique finds to really put our own stamp on it.  As well as finding one of a kind treasures, we’ve also been doing a spot of upcycling to create truly original pieces for our home.

Our latest creation is this fun hanging planter made from an old tyre that Andrew had stored away in the cellar.  What a great way to repurpose something that would otherwise just be taking up space in a dark corner somewhere!

The idea came as I was searching on Pinterest for ‘small garden’ ideas, since we only have a small yard outside (luckily I painted this in the garden at the last house!)  I came across this beautiful project by DIY Show Off and loved the idea so much I just had to give it a go myself.

Here’s how I got on…

Firstly the tyre needed a good scrub down with a wire brush (and of course Marlow came over to inspect I was doing a good job!)


After getting most of the dirt off I prepared the tyre with a spray-on primer so that my chosen garden paint would take to the rubber easily.


Next I painted two layers of vibrant pink paint – I used Ronseal Garden paint ‘Pink Jasmine’ because I wanted something that would really pack some punch in our bare new yard. (Don’t ask how I got all that white primer in my hair – I have no idea- they’re not greys, honest!)


I must admit I made a bit of a mistake here!  I only painted the outsides of the tyre, which looks great head on – but move either side of the tyre and you can still see the black insides from other angles, which isn’t ideal.  I do keep meaning to amend this and fill it in one day!


I next drilled a couple of holes in the bottom for drainage, and hung a hanging basket bracket upside down on the wall for it to hang from.


Finally to pot the plants.  Now I only used soil in the bottom of my tyre and added in a few potting plants, but Roeshel from DIY Show Off lined her tyre first with weed barrier fabric and styrofoam pieces.  I presume this helps the plants to grow better?


Anyway, even without these, my plants seem to be enjoying the sunshine, and our yard has a lovely splash of colour to give a bit of fun and personality against the cream washed walls.


Have you been working on any unique garden projects – we’d love to fill our yard with lots of fun experimental pieces like these so please do share your projects and ideas with me here or over on Twitter @LoveinMindBlog



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