The nicest, gooiest Chocolate Cookies


Since this week is National Chocolate Week, I couldn’t possibly let the occasion go by without sharing my gratitude for this velvety food stuff!  So, in lieu of the Great British Bake Off on Wednesday night (a show that has stolen my attention for the past 10 weeks which has now finished), I decided to have my very own bake off, against myself, in the kitchen – with my ever loving husband as camera man!

There was only one thing I was ever going to bake for National Chocolate Week and that was a recipe so thick in chocolate it makes your insides glow just from a mere whiff of it.  My go to chocolatey recipe: Nigel Slater’s Chocolate Cookies.

Now as I mentioned, these beautiful biscuits really are a sensational chocolate hit – thick and indulgent.  As such, there was no way I was going to be able to eat these on my own (even if I did share half with Andrew!).  So, I had decided to make them for my work colleagues.  Since I didn’t know if any of them had nut allergies, I decided to be safe than sorry, and left the hazelnuts from the original recipe out of my cookies.

Here’s how I made them…

These cookies are wonderfully gooey inside, and this is the first biscuit recipe I’ve used that doesn’t require you to roll out a dough and cut out the shapes.  It’s more of a cake mix consistency.  The ingredients needed are 75g butter, 225 g of light brown sugar, 150g self raising flour, a drop of vanilla essence, 2 eggs, and 200g of that all important chocolate.  I went for a good rich variety, with 74% cocoa!


First things first, break the chocolate into a bowl and pop it over a pan of boiling water on a medium heat.  The chocolate can take a while to melt, so best to get that set off straight away.  Make sure to keep an eye on it though so it doesn’t burn, and resist the urge to stir it.  If it’s on a low enough heat it will happily melt away with little interference.


Next beat the sugar and butter – mine ended up looking a bit like breadcrumbs by the time I finished.  But as long as all the butter is mixed in, that will be fine.

Having beaten 2 eggs and the vanilla extra in a separate cup, pour this in and beat into the mixture.


Next can be a bit of a waiting game until the chocolate melts but take this time to line your trays with baking paper and get the oven set to 180 degrees.

Once the chocolate has melted, pour that into your mixture and give that a beat too.


Next step- you guessed it – sieve in the flour and (what do you know) beat that in to everything else as well.  The mixture will start to feel quite thick, especially if you are using nuts, but that’s normal.


Here’s where I was a bit confused when I first made these cookies.  Ordinarily you may expect to clump the ‘dough’ together and cut out your cookie shapes.  Not with these gooey ones.

Spoon out the mixture into little mounds on the tray.  They will flatten and spread so give each one plenty of space.



Pop them in the oven and leave for 10-12 minutes.  And yes… do it… go on…. lick the bowl, life’s too short and the melted chocolate is too yummy!

When you take them out they make appear crumbly and not seem to be fully cooked.  But trust me, they are. Leave them to cool for a while and they will harden and bind together better.


This recipe is so quick and easy and a really indulgent treat, great for autumn/winter nights.  Best served (in my opinion) snuggled up together on the sofa with a large glass of milk (you’ll need it to cut through the heavy chocolaty loveliness!)

I’d love to hear if you give these a go.  Let me know how they pan out.  Will you incorporate them into your next seasonal date night?  Connect with me on Twitter @LoveinMindBlog .





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