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Recently I was interviewed by Terrys Fabrics about my home style.  As some of you may know I love nothing more than finding unique pieces and giving them a fresh new modern look.

Andrew and I love to surround ourselves with old pieces that have a history.  Just last week, Andrew bought me a retro landline phone for my birthday… something not dissimilar from what I remember growing up with as a child.  We now have it proudly showcased in our living room and as I wander past I often think of the many conversations that have been had on that phone.  Celebratory announcements, long distance odes of love, sender and receiver of sad news.

And in essence that is why Andrew and I often try to choose used (or as I like to think of them, pre-loved) items for our home, and in my recent interview with Terrys Fabrics, I told them how I love to hunt in antiques showrooms and car boot sales to find unique touches for our home.

When they asked me to choose my favourite designs for the season, it was difficult since we do like our one off pieces.  But that’s not to say that some high street buys don’t catch my eye.  If anything, high street trends tend to inspire me to go out and find my own unique versions.  So these are the buys I will be taking inspiration from this Christmas…

My favourite items are the chic vintage Christmas crackers from Harrods, and pretty stag table runner from Sophie Allport.   I’m on the look out for old wallpaper rolls that I can make my own vintage style crackers from this year, and this table runner would be the perfect addition to modernise our rustic, antique dining table…

Courtesy of: Terrys Fabrics

Image Credit: 1) Sophie Allport 2)La Redoute 3) John Lewis 4) Harrods 5) Graham & Brown

What’s your favourite home style for the holiday season.  If like me you love vintage finds I’d love to hear about your own seasonal treasures.  Connect with me on Twitter @LoveinMindBlog


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