Why we still print photographs


Before our wedding last Christmas, we were looking for some old photographs from our Christmases past to hang on the tree that would be in our wedding reception.  One Sunday afternoon, Andy and I sat with boxes full of my childhood memories, and an old chest full of his, and we whiled away the whole afternoon sifting through our old family photographs.  That was one of my all time favourite afternoons.  As simple as it sounds.

There’s something so lovely and reassuring about taking the time to look back on happy moments.  We took it in turns to put on pots of tea and then laughed and smiled, (sometimes cried) at pictures of our childhood and our folks’ bygone days.

When we’d finished, I realised that it just isn’t the same anymore.  You just don’t get the same feeling clicking through pictures on a screen – all neatly organised into files, albums and date order.  What I loved most about flicking through the loose, boxed photographs was the randomness of it all.  One minute you could be recollecting the time you dressed up as an angel for the school nativity, the next you could be looking at your mum, dressed as an angel on her own wedding day.

Andy felt the same.  So from there we promptly decided that from here on out, we would print our pictures.  Ok, so it might not be the most eco-friendly, but one day I want our kids to be able to sit down, with a cup of tea on a rainy Sunday afternoon and laugh about how young we looked and all the things we did.

With that, I knew exactly what I was going to get Andy for our wedding day present.  I found a beautiful vintage suitcase – the most worn one I could find – and I ordered a bunch of prints to start off our collection.  With it I left a note: “For all our memories, from here until forever” (I know – cute right – nailed it!)

I had the case delivered to his parents house so he wouldn’t suspect a thing.  I was so excited when his mum helped me wrap it – giddy at how much I knew he’d love the idea.

Little did I know, he had thought the exact same thing, and bought me the most worn vintage suitcase he could find, with the intention of filling it with our memories.  Now if that isn’t a sure sign that we’re perfect for each other, I don’t know what is!


The idea that started it all… Happy times xxx






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