Simple dates for pregnant couples


As if  pregnancy isn’t enough, this year, Andrew and I have piled plenty on our plates.   Between buying a new home,  decorating every single room and all the antenatal prep that comes with expecting your first baby, we’ve been left with little time to spend on each other.  But as the final countdown continues, we realise that we only have a few precious days or weeks left for true one on one quality time before our family gets bigger.  With a tight budget and limited by my growing bump, we’ve still managed to enjoy a few simple dates out together…

Visiting an historic home and gardens…


When looking for something different to do (and when considering a tight budget), I often like to browse local and regional deal sites to see if there’s something new on offer.  A new place we can explore.  A couple of weeks ago, we had such luck…

Holker Hall and Gardens has been on my radar for a while to visit, but we’ve never seemed to get around to it.  So this bank holiday, with a voucher for a great deal and a glorious sunshiney day, we took off for a wander around.  And it did not disappoint…

The grounds were vast, the house was one of the best condition historic homes we have visited with access to a good portion of the rooms (sometimes you don’t get tosee much in these places), and the gardens were simply stunning.  All brought to life by the beautiful sunshine!


Walking around the grounds was a bit tricky as I was getting tired quite easily, but our efforts were rewarded when we discovered the deer park.  We imagined how lovely it will be to bring our little pudding here when she arrives.  Plenty of space for her to run around – pack a family picnic… it was fun to daydream about our new lives together…


We were unable to take pictures inside the property, but really I was glad of it.  It gave us the time to take a proper look around, and not be distracted with taking photographs.  I love looking through old homes with Andrew and imagining another kind of life, another kind of time… it seems quite romantic to me…


The gardens were beautiful.  We meandered through, hand in hand, pretending to be lord and lady of the manor!  Great fun and a lovely way to enjoy the fresh air (and steal the odd kiss in a shaded spot…)


We rounded the day off nicely with a lovely lunch in the grounds’ restaurant, which was equally superb.  We debated for a few minutes about whether to grab a quick sandwich from the cafe next door, or whether to go all out and have a slap up lunch… considering it may not be as easy to do the latter once our little one arrives, we went for it!


Hot chocolate at the local park


We’re lucky in the fact that there is a lovely park not far from us, with a great vantage point over the city.  With monies now at an all time low, we needed to find some cheap and cheerful evenings out.  So we made up a flask of hot chocolate and headed out for a late afternoon walk.


We sat for a long while enjoying our drinks, watching the last few stragglers from the day pack up their things and head for home.  The setting was particularly special for some precious bump shots, since we had our wedding photos taken in the exact same place…



A sunset walk in the country


As the weeks press on we’re now feeling more than ready to welcome our daughter into the world.  So what better date idea than one that could help to bring on her birthday a little sooner…

Getting out in the fresh air and going for a good long walk in the countryside was the ideal date night for us this past week.  After a long day of late summer heatwave and what was shaping up to be a beautiful sunset, we packed a couple of cool drinks and headed off to higher climates to cool down and get moo-ving (sorry!)


If you live in the city, it can be great to just head into the countryside for a change of scenery and another perspective.  Not only did the fresh air blow out the cobwebs, we both felt really energised and really connected.


Just the two of us (well, and the resident cows), wandering around in the open space, looking out together and watching the sun go down.  A perfectly simple, romantic date night (which didn’t cost a penny!)…



What date ideas do you have for the third trimester when money and motivation is at an all time low?  I’d love to here your ideas on twitter @LoveinMindBlog, or contribute in the comments below.


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