Capturing the moments as a family of 3


It’s no secret that Andrew and I love the camera.  If you take a tour around our home you will find galleries of memories sprinkled all over the walls. I’ve always loved printing our photographs, saving the best ones for frames to take pride of place in our latest gallery and tucking the rest away in our vintage suitcases for perusal at a later date.

And as our family has grown in the last few months, I’ve found myself spending more and more of my time capturing memories, in lots of different ways.


Keen to savour every single moment, I dream of the days I will snuggle up on a rainy winter’s afternoon with my grown up darling daughter over a cup of coffee and a good giggle at the old days; rifling through years of milestone moments and everyday snapshots.

I find it fascinating that in this day and age the ability to document an entire childhood is right at our fingertips.  I think back to my own childhood photographs, my younger life tucked away in lovingly collated albums at my own mother’s house.  Back then film was much more pricey to develop, so you had to be really sure you wanted to take a picture.  Not just point and click a hundred times at every angle possible until you get the right one like you can now.  As such, my own history is much more snippeted (that’s a word… honest!)

I’m amazed at how much of Robyn’s life we will be able to relive together through the photographs I am taking today.  Already, only 3 months old, I have just sent an order for 356 photos to be printed!


Sometimes I wonder whether I’m spending too much time behind the lens.  Is she having more of a relationship with the camera or the back of my phone than with my smiling face? But then I look back at what I’ve captured and they’re priceless moments.  The subtle differences that show her changing, both physically and mentally.  The little snippets of fascination I catch in her eye, or the look of sheer wonderment at the most mundane objects.  I look at these and I hope that she always finds wonder in the world…


And I’m not just talking about photographs.  When I think about it, most of my free time is dedicated to capturing memories as a family…

Home Video

I remember times well spent looking back at holiday videos that my mum captured on her giant camcorder back in the 90s.  There’s something so special about watching yourself, and your family, years on.  Remembering your habits and your little quirks that a static photo simply cannot catch.

With Robyn, we keep the camera to hand and every now and then I take just a couple of minutes, or even just a few seconds, of video.  My plan is to create a movie montage every year – sewing together the snippets of her young life.  It’s exciting to think of us sitting down and watching them together one day…

Baby Diary

Upon learning I was pregnant last year, my sister bought us a ‘Bump to Birthday’ book.  It allowed Andrew and I to document our transition from pregnancy to parenthood, and we still have lots of firsts to fill in before her first birthday.

I’ve so loved writing in this.  Not only has it been a great way for Andrew and I to share our thoughts and feelings throughout this entire journey, but it’s such a precious and unique viewpoint for Robyn to see when she is old enough to appreciate it.


I’ve loved it so much that for Christmas, Andrew got me a similar diary.  One for every year until her 18th birthday.  I’m so looking forward to making this an annual ritual for me to look back and reflect on our time together – Mother and Daughter.

Social Media

I admit, I’m a bit of a social media junkie.  I’m one of those people who shares just about everything – other than my bowel movements!  But if truth be told, I’m not telling the world at all.  I don’t care if no one in the world is listening.  I update my social media with the little, everyday snippets that I know I will enjoy being reminded of in years to come.  The little things that will invoke a memory, and spark a nostalgic conversation between Andrew and me.

And that brings me onto my next method of capturing memories…

Nostalgic Conversation

Andrew and I rarely get through a day without having a conversation that starts “Remember the time we…” By regularly reflecting on our memories, good and bad, I feel like we give the experiences more and more meaning.  What may have seemed like a mundane task at the time, could have become one of our fondest memories.

Date nights can even be made up of this.  Turn off the TV, pop open a bottle of wine and simply while away an evening reminiscing about your favourite past times.  I’ve found that in enjoying memories of the past, you strive even more to make memories for the future.  Sharing my memories with Andrew is one of my favourite things to do, and I hope that as a family we can make even more amazing ones, big and small, to reminisce over time and time again.

This Blog

Finally, I love my blog for capturing not just memories, but feelings, thoughts, viewpoints.  You may even say soul… In the short time that I’ve been writing this blog, I have evolved as a person.  I have become a wife and mother, and it’s amazing to see the difference in my own writing style, my opinions and the general feel from each blog post as time moves on.

I love to read back over old posts, enjoying the new angle that hindsight gives me.

I hope to continue deliberating my lot as life moves on and our family grows.  I hope that one day our children will look back and be able to peer into life before them, how we felt about having them, and the special moments that I have chosen to ponder here on my little corner of the internet…

Making new Memories

Now as much as I love capturing memories and reminiscing about old times, I do love to actually enjoy experiences at the time!  I mentioned earlier that I was worried I spent too much time focussing on capturing the moments – and perhaps I do.

As our family continues to grow I only hope that we continue to embrace every experience, make an effort to create fond and special memories and enjoy the knowledge that one day we will be able to relive them all, in some small way.


How do you like to capture the special moments?  What ways do you remind yourselves of the good times, and the bad?  Do you ever make a date night out of just reliving your memories, or planning new ones?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, below or over on Twitter @LoveinMindBlog



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