Marriage – the first date series… Interview 1


I’m starting an experiment.  I don’t know how long it will take.  I don’t know if it’s going to work. But I’m going to give it a go.  Remember your first date with your  husband?  Well, I’ve been wondering… is there any correlation at all between our first date experiences and leading a happy marriage?  I’m hoping to find out (one day..)

Over the next few months, I’m going to be interviewing happily married couples to take us back to that first date that started their love journey.  Kicking off the series is the lovely Amberly from A Prioritised Marriage

Hi Amberly, thanks for taking part – could you tell us a little bit about your, your blog and your marriage?

I’m Amberly and my husband is Joe! We are both from Utah and we actually grew up three blocks away from each other but never officially met until a few years after high school.. Joe and I have been married for five years (in June), have a three year old Shorkie puppy named Howie, a one year old little boy named Bensen and baby number two is on the way in October. We have been home owners for two years now and love working on projects around our home together. We also love to take long walks late at night, grilling food in the summer and going out to eat. I’m a Family Studies major with a passion for marriage relationships and Joe is an entrepreneur at heart with his own lawn care business and plenty of ideas for many more businesses.


Congratulations on baby number 2, exciting times ahead! So, how long ago did you have your first date?

Our first ‘casual’ date was 5 1/2 years ago, with our first ‘official’ date coming the in the next few weeks…

Great, could you tell us a little about that first casual date?  What did you do, who initiated the date, and any of those quirky little details you still remember…

The first “casual” date was a little spontaneous. Joe had mentioned over the weekend (we’d hung out two or three times with different groups of people), that he’d like to get to know me more one on one, but we weren’t able to find a time during the week that would work because I worked mornings and during the day and he worked until 8 or 9 each night.
He ended up not having to work one night and was texting me suggesting that we should get together and do something. I was at dinner with my cousins when he contacted me and knew that I had homework I needed to work on when I got home. I mentioned that he could come over and be my study buddy if he’d like, so I guess you could say that I initiated it?
We ended up watching The Blindside while I did homework and then we went on a long walk around town and talked before coming back to my parent’s house to watch funny YouTube videos until we were both tired.

For the next couple of weeks, that’s what most of our nights together looked like, and I think we saw each other every single day, with the exception of one or two nights.

Great movie choice!  Interesting how your differentiate between your first casual date and your first ‘official’ date, let’s hear a bit more about that.  Who asked whom?

Well we’d been going on walks, talking and seeing each other every day, and doing other fun things together since our first casual date. I only call it our first official date because it was the first time he picked me up, took me out and we did something that cost money!

Joe asked me on our first official date the weekend after we first had our casual date. We were watching Harry Potter together and I think we both knew by that point that we were headed toward a relationship. We fell hard and fast.

His friends from work were planning a birthday/welcome back dinner to celebrate him being back at work after being out of the country for two years serving a mission for our church.

While we were watching our movie, Joe asked me if I’d like to go to dinner with him in a couple of weeks. Because he’d just barely gotten employment for the first time in two years, he didn’t have a lot of money saved up or a car to drive, so the majority of our dates were casual like the one mentioned above.

Where did he take you on that first official date?

He picked me up in his dad’s truck and I found out later, paid for dinner with a credit card (which was kind of a big deal for him.)  He took me to The Cheesecake Factory, I remember he had a penne pasta (because he taught me what penne means in Spanish that night) and I had a salad.

After dinner, we went back to his parent’s house and watched a movie together before he took me home.

Amazing the small details we remember isn’t it!  Do you remember how you felt on that first date?

I remember loving the cozy atmosphere and having fun listening to him talk about his job with his friends. We were in the early stages of our relationship so there was lots of cuddling, hand holding, giggling, secret glances, etc. between the two of us.

So how did you leave the date?  How did it end?  Who made that first follow up contact?

By the time we went on that “official” date, we were pretty hooked on each other, we’d already kissed and we saw each other almost every day. I think he’d even told me he loved me at that point!  So things just naturally went on from there…

That’s great – I see on your blog you’ve spoken a lot about those first few weeks.  Let’s share a couple of those stories for our readers…

Certainly.  You can read about how I knew he was into me, more about our first few weeks of dating, and becoming a couple.

Amberley, thanks so much for your time.  I loved hearing about your first date!

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3 thoughts on “Marriage – the first date series… Interview 1

  1. What an awesome idea! I LOVE hearing about how people got together because they are always so vastly different, not to mention mine was so uneventful but eventful all at the same time.

    Can’t wait to read more from the First Date series, what an awesome idea Hannah!

    1. Thanks Elyse- yeh I love hearing about how people’s love stories began – even the mos uneventful can be the most romantic knowing where that first encounter led to…

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