Looking Back on the Best – a New Year tradition for couples


So I know it’s been a while but the whole Christmas period seems to have swept me away in a bit of a blur of travel, food and festivities!  But now I’m back, giddy for the New Year and excited to see what treats lie in store for us this year.

To ring in the New Year, Andrew and I started a new tradition.  On New Years Day, after a beautiful 3 course meal prepared by that man of mine, we went through 50 photos from 2015 that conjured great memories from the year.  We had each chosen 25 photographs that meant something to us, and over dessert, we took a good look through, reminiscing on what had actually turned out to be a pretty good year.


I loved doing this, and will definitely be incorporating it into our New Year traditions.  It was fun to look back and reflect on some good times, to put the year into perspective.  I had been really looking forward to waving a brisk goodbye to 2015, as at times it was a bit of a struggle.  We’d moved out into a place that didn’t suit us, and had to move back to the city.  I’d changed jobs.  We’d been on a few bum trips, and our procreation efforts have thus far been futile.

But flicking through the memories to choose just 25 of my favourites, I looked back with fondness on the good times we’ve had, even able to laugh at the not-so-fun times.


It was also great to see what Andrew chose as his 2015 highlights.  Turns out we picked a couple of the same pictures, so it was cool to see we were on the same page there.  But what stood out for me were the photographs that he had chosen because of the expression on my face or the way I looked at him through the lens.  It was nice to see the year through his eyes, and enlightening for me.  What I see as a terrible photo magnifying tired eyes and the beginnings of crows feet, he sees as the effect of a great, fun day on the beach.


As we looked back at our handful of snapshots I wondered what we would be looking back on this time next year.  What little micro-moments would we capture by chance? What major moments would make the headlines of 2016?  As we add new photos to our ever growing wall gallery of memories, I’m excited and hopeful for what this year will bring us.

Only time will tell…

How do you bring in the New Year?  Do you make any special plans with your spouse, or do you look back on what you’ve done?  Join the conversation on Twitter @LoveinMindBlog


4 thoughts on “Looking Back on the Best – a New Year tradition for couples

  1. Love your photos! Thanks for sharing!

    We have no specific New Years tradition because my husband’s birthday is January 1st so I let him dictate what he wants to do.

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