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I’ve given a lot of time to the idea of love.  Unable to fully explain how my own epic love story began with Andrew, I’m somewhat persuaded on the magical and mystical quality that surrounds the concept of love.  The kind you hear about in fairytales…

For Andrew and I, we went from polite colleagues to fervent lovers seemingly at the flick of a switch.  I cannot explain how it happened, nor can I remember the moment that our passing conversations became the foundations of our marriage.  But somewhere between ‘did you have a good weekend’, and ‘do you want a brew’ an epic love bloomed.

So with our own love story seemingly flourishing from nowhere, I’ve often asked myself if it was always meant to be.  If we had always meant to find each other – like our souls were destined to be together in some way.  Everything we had experienced before, every relationship we had both had, every decision we had both made – was everything meant to lead up to the point of finding each other?  Given the many other times in our lives when we had been in the same place or known the same people, and yet never met, I often wonder if that’s the case…

With that in mind, there are a few things recently that have made me stop and truly appreciate how lucky I am to have found my mate in Andrew.  Take for example, US shows, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette – both with which I have become obsessed  in recent months.

Now we’re a good couple of years behind here in the UK so we have only just finished Emily’s season of The Bachelorette (season 8), and are just 2 weeks into Sean Lowe’s subsequent season of The Bachelor (season 17).

For those of you who have never seen the show (I thoroughly recommend it if you haven’t – ITVBe Friday’s at 9pm UK), essentially it is all about finding love.  14 guys (or girls) are brought together all looking to fall in love with the Bachelorette (or Bachelor) of that season.  Each week there is a group date and two one-on-one dates, and eventually the list of hopefuls looking for love is whittled down to just one, who by the finale, has usually fallen head over heels in love.

As much as it is epically entertaining, the series format may seem an unconventional route to finding ‘the one’. There seems to be more risk of getting hurt and not to mention your highs and lows are all broadcast for the world to share.  So as I sat watching the final few episodes of The Bachelorette, tissue in hand, sobbing  at the TV, comforted in Andrew’s arms, I wondered at the great lengths that some people will go to find love.

It made me sad to think of those who are so open and willing to share their hearts with someone, but not yet having found love.  Where it seemed so easy for Andrew and I  – to have almost stumbled upon each other

Now I’m aware there are some skeptics who say that formats such as The Bachelorette are no place to find real love.  But I would have to disagree.  Sean Lowe (I already know from finding out on another US based blog) is now happily married to his wife whom he met on The Bachelor (don’t worry, no spoilers here).  Emily Maynard who’s romance with Bachelorette hopeful Jef Holm reached a natural end, went on to meet her current husband with whom she has just had a beautiful baby boy.  Despite not finding her epic love in Jef directly on The Bachelorette, I wonder if Emily would believe that the process simply led her to meeting her real (and hopefully epic) love in her husband.  I’d love to find out…

The point I’m making is that when you see shows like this, and you listen to the people on there, you come to realise just how difficult it can be to find a real love.  It amplifies the ups and downs of the journey toward finding the one, and makes you realise just how incredibly lucky you are when you do find it.

I believe there is someone out there for everyone, and my wish would be that they can all find each other and be as happy together as Andrew and I are.  To all of those still looking for love… be hopeful… epic love does exist.


How did your epic love story  begin?  I’d love to hear your ideas on finding love – do you think it’s coincidental to meet your match, or do you believe you were destined to be together.  Share your stories with me below or on Twitter @LoveinMindBlog


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  1. Just saw this post and it’s so true. I feel like the luckiest women alive that love was easy for me and happened early and that in theory I have even MORE time with Andrew.

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