A round up of Autumn Dates


You may remember back in September that I put together a handy guide to autumn dates, including romantic dates, outdoor dates, dates that involved a seasonal kitchen, and that could be achieved on a range of budgets.

Well now that the weather has turned icily cold in the last few days, I’m starting to think ahead to all the cosy winter dates we could have together (so keep your eyes peeled for our seasonal winter date guide!)

In the meantime, we wanted to take a look back at how many of our autumn dates we actually managed to fit in.  Here’s what we got up to this season…

Date no. 43 – A Winter’s Garden

So the last date in our autumn guide became our first date of the season. Something which I love to do on crisp autumn/winter nights is to wrap up warm outside and enjoy the twinkling night sky.  So at the beginning of the season we turned our modest backyard into a cosy retreat.

Removing summer debris, we spruced up the yard, introduced some colour with sprayed heather plants and colourful candle lanterns, and hung warm yellow fairy lights around the yard.  We used what we could find, making a raised plant platform out of the drop leaf of an old table, placed the BBQ (which doubles up as a firepit when we add a fire log) onto an old tea trolley, and et voila! A perfect setting for romantic evening date nights on a miniscule budget!


Date No. 4 – Have a Horrorthon

What better night of the year to have a Horrorthon date than Halloween itself.  And so that’s exactly what we did,  Despite being pretty ill with a sore throat that felt like I was swallowing glass every 3 seconds, Andrew and I decorated the house, made rum punch (a very very rum punch!), donned our spookiest outfits, had fun with our make-shift home photo studio and settled down with good friends for a Halloween horrorthon double date.  Even Bonnie, our beautiful black cat, joined in the fun taking pride of place in our Halloween window display.

I think my being ill simply added to the corpse bride look… what do you think?!


Date No. 31 – Pumpkin Carving Competition AND Date No. 2 – Brew Home Made Cider (sort of…)

Now we couldn’t let Halloween go by without getting our competition on and carving pumpkins!  To add to this seasonal date we also brought in another date idea and made our own cider.  Ok, ok, so we didn’t ACTUALLY make our own cider from scratch but we did make mulled cider by adding cinnamon sticks and seasonal fruits before heating up on the stove.

The aroma filled the house with a sweet spiced scent, adding to the warming autumnal atmosphere.  (Plus it did wonders for that sore throat of mine!!)  And I think it’s safe to say I won the pumpkin carving competition…


Date No. 9 – Sparkler Photoshoot AND Date No. 38 – Visit a Bonfire

These two date ideas were always going to go hand in hand for us.  Unfortunately due to both of us not feeling too well this Bonfire night we didn’t manage to get out to a proper bonfire this year, but we did take ourselves off to watch our home town’s annual firework display which launches from the top of the castle and can be seen from all over town.

Hot chocolates in hand we headed down to our favourite vantage point and watched as the skies lit up.  When we got home we set up the camera and had our own mini fireworks display in the backyard, making romantic shapes with sparklers.  A hearty stew was awaiting us when we got back in from the cold…



An amalgamation of dates – enjoying the autumnal outdoors…

As much as we made the most of cosy autumn evenings, we also made the most of crisp autumn days.  So we might have deviated somewhat from our autumn date guide but this season we have often taken ourselves off into the crisp cool air to appreciate all that this autumn has to offer.




Did you try out any of our autumn date ideas?  Share your experiences with us.  We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below or on twitter: @LoveinMindBlog


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