A Personal Wedding Gift: DIY Wine Lables for newlyweds {FREE Printables}


Today I’m bringing you free printables to make the perfect personal gift for newlyweds…

A couple of weeks ago I came home after a long day at work, and stumbled over the post on my way in the front door.  Amongst take-away deals and utility bills was  a postcard.  Strange, I thought, I didn’t think I knew anyone was going on holiday. I flipped the card over to see a picture of one of my closest friends and her partner, with the words:

“With love from Mauritius…”

“….from the newlyweds.”

I froze for a moment. Blinked.  Looked again to make sure it wasn’t some rather well personalised holiday ad, and screamed in excitement, rushing through the door to tell Andrew the good news!

I was so thrilled.  She had always told me they would elope one day, but I was always convinced I’d have at least an inkling about it.  She surely wouldn’t be able to hold it in if she was going on holiday, and I’d grill her until I caught a telling smirk.

But no. I had no clue.  Not even a glimmer.  And I was so completely delighted that I didn’t.  Just how they always wanted it.

Knowing they wouldn’t be home for a couple of weeks, I set to work racking my brain for the perfect wedding gift.  Then I remembered back to our own wedding and thought of the champagne bottles we had saved for specific milestones: when we moved into a new house, and our first anniversary (still patiently on ice…)

I decided then to create a handful of personal wine labels to go with a handful of bottles of wine to see them through their first year of marriage.  I’m so pleased with how they turned out, I thought I’d share the process with you, and give you free printables, yes FREE printables, to download and create your own DIY wedding gift.


DIY Wine Labels – how to make them…

You’ll need 5 sheets of A4 label paper (I sourced mine from eBay), a coloured printer, 5 bottles of wine, and a pair of scissors.

On the labels I did for my friend, I created a personal logo with their family initals – but I’ve removed this on the printables for you to download so you can use them for anyone you like.

The printables are jpeg files and you can resize to fit your bottles.  I resized to 5″ high by 4″ wide in my printer settings.


Print all of your labels out onto label paper.  I used paper with a gloss finish as I wanted them to look shiny, but you could use matt if you prefer.


Next,trim the labels.  If you have a steady hand use scissors.  I don’t, and I have a guillotine we bought when we were making our wedding invitations, so I used this instead.


Once trimmed to size, peel off the original label from your wine bottles.  You can peel the back labels off too if you like for a cleaner finish, but I chose to keep these on so the newlyweds could read about the wine if they want to.


Next comes the tricky bit – sticking your label onto the bottle, making sure not to leave any  air bubbles.  I only just perfected the knack by the 4th and 5th bottles, and I found sticking the centre lengthways first then smoothing out each of the edges was the best way to go.


And, dare I say, it’s as easy at that!  Repeat the process for all bottles and you’ve got yourself a wonderfully thoughtful, personal wedding gift.


The sentiment

Since Andrew and I are coming up to our one year anniversary in a couple of months, we know as well as any other married couple that the first year isn’t always picnics and roses.  It can be tough adjusting to your new lives together, (especially if you throw in two house moves like we did!)

The bottles aren’t about getting tipsy together.  They’re a symbol to celebrate the good times together; break the ice and admit when you’re sorry; make time to reconnect; relax together after a period apart; and of course, celebrate your milestones with vigour.

Each label comes with a brief overview of how that bottle of wine is best served, for example, to be opened as a peace offering  after your first epic fight (It’s inevitable, they happen!)

Want to give your friends or family a personal wedding gift to last them through their first year of marriage?  Download the free printables and follow the instructions above to make your own.


Have you used the printables – I’d love to see how the turned out.  Send you picture on twitter @LoveinMindBlog


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