Blogs I’m Lovin – November


It’s been a while since my last ‘Blogs I’m lovin’ post, and in that time I have been catching up on a whole host of great blogs out there.  There just never seem to be enough hours in the day to fully appreciate all of the great work that’s floating around the blogosphere, which I think is how I find it so miraculous that anyone finds their way to my little corner of the web, so thank you for being here!

The two blogs that I want to focus on this month are from two ordinary women, madly in love with their husbands and committed to putting the effort into their marriage every single day.  Here’s what I love most about them and why you should check them out if you haven’t already…

Just Murrayed

Just Murrayed is the home of marriage and lifestyle blogger, Elyse Murray, who married her childhood sweetheart in October last year.  What I love about Elyse’s blog is that it all feels so real.  This is an authentic woman, letting us in on personal snippets of her life.  She recalls her own experiences,  passes on marriage wisdom that has in turn been passed on to her, shares date ideas and recipes for two; all with a light hearted and down to earth tone.


©Just Murrayed

I love the way that Elyse groups posts together.  On her blog they are all very easy to find, neatly oragnised so you can find exactly what you want to read (which is usually everything!)  I am particularly enamoured with Elyse’s A-Z of Marriage series.  Each post concentrates on a specific part of marriage, whether that’s something we should all be doing more of, or just something that should be given consideration from time to time.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops, and would be interested to see what other factors are added over time.


©Just Murrayed

The New Wifestyle

When I  first came across the New Wifestyle blog I was like,’finally, something I can relate to! yay!’  Like blog owner Chelsea, I too had struggled to find resources post-wedding; something for newlyweds that wasn’t too heavily religious.  The New Wifestyle lays out a lot of core values all based around the idea of connecting more with your spouse, without losing yourself in the process.  It’s all about how to have a great marriage, and maintain your own strong individuality.  A blog truly for the 21st century woman (and man of course!)


©The New Wifestyle

From it’s jazzy design to it’s empowering posts, Chelsea’s blog is refreshingly motivating.  With posts like ‘Things to do when your husband’s away‘ and ‘Expressing your admiration to your spouse‘ standing side by side, the New Wifestyle achieves that perfect balance that Chelsea affirms she’s looking for in her own marriage: the balance between being a great wife for your husband, whilst being a great woman for yourself.


©The New Wifestyle

Who have you connected with this month?  Any new marriage and lifestyle blogs I should be checking out?  Tell me all about them in the comments below or join me on Twitter @LoveinMindBlog



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