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As some of you will already know from my previous post, hubby and I are looking to move house.  I don’t know about you but one of my favourite things to do when finding a new home is to buy a few new bits and bobs to help put your own stamp on your new place.

I absolutely love the retro vintage interiors trend at the moment.  So much so that I’m planning to incorporate it into our new home (whenever we find it!)  I always like to theme my home decor, but something that I’ve struggled with in the past is bringing it all together as a whole.  I tend to do a different theme in each room, with no correlation from one room to the next.  With the new house I’m hoping to try something new, and try to bring all of the rooms together under one running theme.  They’ll still have their unique colour schemes and own looks about them, but I’m going to try and have something that ties them all together.  Challenge, set!

One of the easiest ways I find for decorating  a new room is to create a mood board.  It just helps to have all of your ideas together in one place so you can see if they’re really going to work together.  So this morning (whilst I’m sniffling away in bed with a cold), I’ve made a start on two rooms.


Retro Coca Cola Kitchen

When you search in Pinterest for retro or vintage home decor, I guarantee the majority of pins that show up will be of the kitchen.  It’s been such a trend for this room in the house for the last few years and there’s so much inspiration out there that this seemed a good place to start.

As much as I’d like to be on trend, I also want my home to feel unique and individual to us.  Not just a replica of a show room or a something we saw in a glossy magazine.  So rather than saying “I want to have a retro kitchen”, I’m looking to create a retro kitchen style that’s a little more specific.

Being in marketing (that’s the day job I do when I’m not blogging), I have long admired the changing face of one of the world’s most loved brands: Coca Cola.  Line up a century worth of Coca-Cola ad campaigns and you can literally see how history has changed and influenced the brand.  Call me sad, but I find this fascinating, so what better way to bring a bit of vintage charm into my kitchen than with Coca-Cola at the centre.  Here’s how I think it could look:

Reto Kitchen Mood board

Sources (left to right):
Roberts Revival Radio image by Belle Blanc Blog via Pinterest
Vintage Coca Cola Pinup poster available from Fab Vintage Posters via Etsy
Digital coca cola poster by Kareem Gouda via Digital Art
Eat Here Retro Diner sign available from Dot &
Lick the Bowl Poster available from handz via Etsy
Coca Cola vase image by Natalie Spencer Photography via Bridal Musings via Pinterest
Red pendant light available from Lucent Lampworks via Esty

At the core of the design I want to get a couple of vintage or retro style Coca-Cola posters, and I love the idea of using old Coca Cola bottles as a form of decorations – perhaps as vases with simple flowers to brighten the room up.  A retro diner inspired sign would help to bring the theme into the kitchen setting.

“You only live once – lick the bowl.” I also absolutely love this print from handz on Etsy.  Not only does it conjure up memories of baking with my mother when I was younger (only helping out because I knew I’d get a chance to lick the batter from the bowl and whisks), but because it echoes my whole ethos on life.  Life really is too short, so it’s ok to be a little bit naughty sometimes, have fun and just do what makes you happy.  Great sentiment to be reminded of whilst you’re slaving away over the Sunday roast!

It’s this naughtiness and cheekiness that I love about old pin up art – which I’m hoping will feature in various rooms about the house.  I’ll talk more about this next time.

Now my retro kitchen just wouldn’t be complete without a Roberts Revival DAB radio.  I have wanted one for ages and now I think it’s about time.  This will be my special little splurge when new house comes!


Retro Travel-Inspired Hallway

I see the hallway as being one of the most important spaces in the home.  It’s the last thing you see before you leave and the first thing that welcomes you home.  It sees everything from heartfelt greetings with old friends, to last minute checklists and holiday excitement.  It sees you darting back upstairs to retrieve the phone charger from under the bed, and it sees you trudging in cold and wet on a harsh winter’s night.  It’s a transient place, and as such, what better interior theme to decorate it than one of travel.

Using my new found love of all things retro to keep the flow of the new house going, my starting piece for this mood board is a collection of retro travel posters.  I love the simplicity of them and having a collection of different ones not only keeps you inspired for the places you may one day go, or the memory of places you’ve already been  – it’s also a great and easy way to bring colour into the hallway!  Here’s how I’d like it to the look in my home:

Retro Travel Hallway

Sources (left to right):
Seattle poster by Anderson Design Group via Pinterest
Discover London poster available from Red Gate Arts via Etsy
Las Vegas poster available from All Posters via Pinterest
Miami Poster by Alex Asfour via Creative Blog via Pinterest
San Francisco poster by Retro Screen Prints via Etsy
Paris poster available from Red Gate Arts via Etsy
Gold Retro Phone image by My Luscious via Pinterest
All other images are my own

We already have the vintage suitcases, which in themselves are a great story I’ll share with you sometime.  Ideally our new home will have plenty of space to stack these, as well as have as telephone table and plenty of wall space for hanging our collection of travel posters.

As much as I like the vintage look though, I still want our home to look up to date and not feel too old fashioned.  So that’s why I’m going to set myself a new upcycling project.  Check out this gold retro phone I found on My Luscious Life.  I like the idea of taking something old and giving it a modern day twist.  So I’m on the hunt for an old retro phone I can paint up.  I’m not even too bothered if it doesn’t work – who even uses a landline anymore?  So watch this space for that project.

And that’s where I’m up to so far.  To come next will be how to bring the retro vibes into our lovely rustic style living room – that could be a challenge – and I’d like to spruce up our bathroom to be a little more risqué with some great wartime pinup art.  Watch this space!

In the meantime I’d love to know what you think of these ideas so far.  Have you got any more retro inspiration that could help?  Comment below or catch me on Twitter @LoveinMindBlog

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