The North Wales Adventure Continued to Anglesey…


Back in March we were visiting North Wales to celebrate Andrew’s birthday.  I had planned two very different night’s accommodation in two destinations, in an attempt to see as much of the area as possible in the short 2 day break that we had.

Having enjoyed the delights of Llandudno and Ruthin on day one, we were up early on Day 2 – ready to continue the adventure in Anglesey…

Day 2 – Angelsey

First stop, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

Nope, one of my cats didn’t just run across my keyboard, that is indeed the name of our first port of call on Day 2 of our North Wales adventure.  The longest place name in Britain, Llanfairpwllgwyn (for short) is situated just past the Menai Bridge into Anglesey.

The area’s train station has become something of a tourist attraction in itself, seeing many people, like us, looking to get a picture next to the obscure name sign.


It also has a cute little gift shop with lots of lovely things so it’s a nice little stopping place if you’re going into the area.

On to – South Stack

On from Llanfair, we drove straight up to the North West of the island, hoping to capture similarly stunning pictures of the famous South Stack Lighthouse that I had seen on Pinterest whilst researching our trip.  The lighthouse sits on it’s own little island just off Holyhead.

Unfortunately, the great British weather had other ideas for us!  When we arrived at the clifftop the strong winds rattled the car to and fro – surely not the safest of weather to be venturing down the cliff edge to see the light house.  As we figured, access was closed as it was off season.


We were however still able to park up at the top and peer over the edge.  Visibility was poor and the winds so strong that we didn’t dare make our way down.  It was disappointing but if you ever plan a visit, it really would make sense to check the weather forecast first.  At least we know for next time!


Next stop – Newborough Forest

Now I’m not one to shy away from an activity simply because the weather isn’t playing ball.  As long as you’re suitably equipped to deal with the rain, carry on – that’s my motto!

And so we did – right on to Newborough Forest that is.

Back down toward the south west of Anglesey, we found this beautiful hidden gem to be completely deserted.  Another good reason to go out in the rain!

We set off through the forest toward the beach, hoping to catch a glimpse of Llandwyn Island.   The forest was utterly enchanting.  The afternoon rain had cast an eerie light among the rows and rows of spindly trees.  The pitter patter of rain drops slicing through the leaves just added to the atmospheric surroundings.


It was like being on the set of a movie.  All the while jumping in puddles like kids and sneaking kisses beneath our raincoat hoods.



We found our way to the beach and what a strange feeling to be on such a beautiful coastline, in this kind of weather, completely deserted.  We stood and watched the wild sea for a while, trying to make out Llandwyn Island through the mist.  It was out there somewhere… a shame in one respect, but so utterly romantic in another.

It felt like our own private little beach.


That’s a great date idea to take away – go somewhere completely unexpected in the rain.  More often than not, I’m sure you’ll be the only ones there.  It can be wonderfully romantic.

Final stop – The Outbuildings

Not far from Newborough Forest was our accommodation choice for night number two.  Having experienced the grandeur of Ruthin Castle the night before, I had planned a stay in a pink shepard’s hut at a nearby b&b for our final night in Wales.  It looked to be a cosy little shack, with a log burner – probably perfect for drying off from the rain.

When we arrived, we were welcomed into an inviting lobby, complete with it’s own log burner.  We sat and enjoyed a nice hot cup of tea and a slice of lemon drizzle cake before being shown into the hut.


The staff had asked if, due to the bad weather, we would prefer to stay in one of their alternative rooms in their beautifully converted outbuildings, but I had had my heart set on a cosy night in the shepard’s hut so we respectfully declined.

The lady who showed us in was very helpful, and had already set the electric heater blowing so that we would be plenty warm enough and dry off quickly.

The hut was very small, but just as expected.  Poky, but quaint, and very cosy with the rain beating down on the wooden exterior.


For dinner we had planned to go to a cute little bar/grill type place overlooking the Menai Straits.  Dylan’s had a great menu, with a cool beach hut vibe.  I had the ‘Drunken Mussels’ soaked in cider (delicious!), and Andrew tried the trio of burgers, (which he assures me were equally tasty!)  All topped off with beautiful donuts and chocolate dip to finish.



Back at the hut, things didn’t quite go according to plan.  The aforementioned log burner, and the aforementioned electric heater that consequently had been placed upon the log burner, didn’t quite see eye to eye…

The power went out, and following repeated insistence that we didn’t need to stay in an alternative room and profuse apologies from the Outbuildings staff about how the bad weather must have affected the electrics, we soon discovered that it hadn’t been the weather at all…

A log burner may seem a lovely and cosy idea, but do be extra extra careful that nothing has been placed on top of it if you plan on lighting it! Woops!  Long story short – hot log burner, melted plastic electric heater, tripped the mains, horrible awful terrible mess, tears – lots of tears.  Not exactly the relaxing romantic break I had envisaged.

Despite the minor mishap, we couldn’t recommend the Outbuildings enough.  The owners were incredibly apologetic for any inconvenience the night’s events had caused our stay, and they really did handle the situation in such a lovely manner.  I was quite upset by it all but was soon put at ease by their warm understanding.

And anyway, it was pretty romantic being without electricity for the duration of the evening…



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