Comedy, Culture & Afternoon Tea in Glasgow


Way back in August I booked tickets to see Irish comedian Dara O’Briain on his Crowd Tickler Tour as my husband’s Christmas present.  We both love him and so when I saw he was on tour I jumped at the chance of getting tickets.  For whatever reason, I chose tickets for his one night in Glasgow this April (despite later finding out that he was playing at a venue just down the road from us later in the year! Whoops!)

Nevertheless it was another great excuse to explore a new city so off I went visiting tourism websites and scouring Pinterest for some sightseeing inspiration.

Since we were only planning on stopping over in the city for one night we set off early on Saturday morning to make sure we had enough of the day to make the most of a few of Glasgow’s attractions.  Similarly, being just a quick weekend visit we didn’t want an itinerary that was too hectic so we just planned in a couple of places of interest before the big show in the evening.

As soon as we arrived in Glasgow we made our way directly to the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery.  We love visiting city museums and since Kelvingrove Park was just next door, this seemed like a good choice for starting off the day.  It started hail stoning as soon as we got out of the car so we were glad of our plans to start indoors.


The building was stunning both inside and out.  When we entered through the lobby we were greeted by a very helpful lady who gave us a warm Glaswegian smile and handed me a floor plan.  When we stepped through the main doors the sight really did take my breath away.  The interior was so intricately designed, very extravagant with tall ornate ceilings, gallery style balconies and a giant pipe organ boasting a prominent focal point.


Wandering around the museum I was so taken in by the beauty of the building itself that it’s art installations and museum collections were surplus.  I was intrigued by the building’s history, imagining what it may have originally been built for.  I have since learned that it was actually always built as a museum and exhibition centre as it’s main purpose.  There was a competition held in 1891 for the design.  And what a stunning design it ended up with!


The most notable parts of the museum were the Natural History section which had a great collection of life-size models (which we had great fun posing with!)






The piste la resistance was a restored spitfire suspended above the main exhibition.


On the art gallery side of the museum we marveled at the hanging heads centrepiece, which I believe are supposed to symbolise new age thinking.


The Salvadore Dali ‘Christ of St Johns on the Cross’ painting was also an exciting sight to see, displayed in it’s own small dark room, ideal for quiet contemplation.  It didn’t seem right to go snapping away with my camera in here though so I don’t have any original images of this.

After a quick hour or so in the museum we emerged to blue skies and sunshine – a welcome change in time for exploring the park.  We didn’t go far – just a quick wander down the west side of the park, with the peaks of the University of Glasgow building just in view above the trees.


In the afternoon we had an appointment at The Corinthian Club to indulge in a delicious Afternoon Tea.  The building was again another glorious example of idyllic architecture.  We were shown into the First Floor Tellers Bar and Brasserie which was a stunning bright room with an elaborate domed skylight roof.



Andy was seated on a plush velvet bench whilst I settled into an ornate throne like chair which seemed to swallow me up as soon as I sat down – it was fab!

A 3 tiered platter of sandwiches, cakes and scones arrived along with teas, coffees and a glass of Prosecco.  Everything was delicious – a great decadent way to relax in the heart of the city.



The atmosphere didn’t quite seem to suit the surroundings – which was a welcome contrast!  In such an elaborately decorated space you wouldn’t have been alone in expecting a somewhat stuffier feel – a bit more ‘how to do’.  But pleasantly the atmosphere was light, fun and quite up to date with a thumping bass just at the right level no to be too intrusive but enough to create an upbeat vibe.  Ultimately we felt very comfortable, very relaxed and simply enjoying the delicious food and beautiful surroundings.

As we walked back to our apartment we stopped to take in some of the city’s amazing street art.  Everywhere you turned there was another intricate piece, so expertly considered and a delightful alternative to bare, run-down walls that you may get in some other cities.  It really did make a difference and added to the artistic, cultural feel that we’d become accustomed to in Glasgow in such a short space in time.



With happy (very full) tummies, we decided to skip dinner and headed straight out to the SECC in the evening for our main event.  And it didn’t disappoint.  The venue itself was ideal for this kind of show, an intimate feeling space that still housed a good couple of thousand people so you still got to be part of a great atmosphere.  Dara was on top form and by the end of the show Andy was complaining of a sore jaw and I couldn’t take anymore laughter for fear of my tummy muscles exploding.

We decided to walk back to the hotel along the riverside, which was nicely illuminated all the way down.  I hadn’t taken my camera which was a shame but I would highly recommend making time for an evening stroll if you’re ever in the city.

Image courtesy of People Make Glasgow
Image courtesy of People Make Glasgow

And that was it.  In making only a fleeting visit to Glasgow we experienced a very warm and welcoming city, bursting from all corners with stunning architecture, varied culture and creative art.  We shall certainly be planning another visit (which would be a first for us as we rarely visit the same place twice), but we just felt that there was so much more we could experience from Glasgow, so another trip is definitely on the cards.  Watch this space….

If you know of anywhere else worth visiting in Glasgow drop me a  comment below so we can check it out next time 🙂



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