Just an ordinary wife, epically in love, and searching for the key to maintaining a happy marriage… 


Hi, hello and welcome to my little corner of the Internet – it amazes me that anyone other than my mum would be interested to see what we’re doing here so thank you for taking the time to find out.

with love in mind is where I aim to share my marital experiences, (new-found) wisdom, mistakes and triumphs as an ordinary wife navigating through married life…


Why the blog?

As an active blog reader during the preparations for our wedding, I found myself somewhat at a loss after the honeymoon – what could I read now, where could I get my inspiration?  There didn’t seem to be many marriage blogs in the UK that weren’t family or parent blogs.  So where could I go to connect with other married couples?

Well, I decided to do it right here, and setup my own blog discussing our own experiences, the true ups and downs of marriage, and become an advocate for lifelong romance and happy marriages.

Our love story

This blog is all about being open, and not hiding any of the truth, no matter how harsh or how brutal it may seem.  So here goes…

Our love story began with it’s own complications.  When I met Andrew I was already engaged to wed someone else.  I had a good relationship – but I didn’t have an epic one.  Andrew changed my world – in an whirlwind I had turned my life upside down and followed the pursuit of a great romance.  One which I was unconditionally confident would last a lifetime.

I’d never been much of a believer in fate, but I do believe that not everyone ends up with their soulmate.  Sure I believe some marriages can last and be happy and healthy, which I’m sure I would have had in another life.  But for a few of the lucky ones I believe that fate delivers us a soulmate – and I found mine in Andrew  – maybe he found me – or perhaps we found each other.

Our mission

Marriage is incredibly important to me, and to Andrew.  I openly challenge the social depiction of marriage as the dull man’s game, or the stone that holds you down.  A good marriage, a great marriage, can be liberating.  It can be your sanctuary, your comfort.  It can be whatever you make of it.  We want to make ours epic – in the simplest of ways.  Simply by loving each other and putting the effort in every single day.

With Love in Mind is a reminder that everything we do as a couple, we do with love in mind, with each other in mind, with our marriage in mind.   This is where we will document our favourite moments, our special breaks away, our simple date nights in, and the challenges, triumphs and journey we face on the road to a happy marriage.

Come… walk it with us…




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